Kaishi City is a nation nearly consumed by one urban sprawl, hence the name. Founded on what was once known as Egypt, in which the city of Cairo developed enough to engulf most of the inhabitable area of the nation. It stretches from what was Cairo in the north, to the former city of Aswan in southern Egypt.

It has a large Korean community for unknown reasons.

Kaishi City was established prior to the start of the story set there in Cat Burglary, Also notably prior to the flashback to Kute Mimome's childhood in Chapter Two's Behind Closed Eyes.

Kaishi City is the supposed birthplace of several characters in the book. These include.

Kute Mimome

Inai Wahmia

and numerous more minor characters including a large portion of the revolutionary soldiers from Chapter Three.

Kaishi City, Like other countries with reasonable wealth has numerous technological advancements and large corporations, Such as Abelev Industries - a technology manufacturer who own several plants within the nation-city.

Locations in the city include:

Northpoint, A wealthy and prestigeous area near to former Cairo.

Eastend, an area largely made up of industrial areas and slums - a stew of organised crime and corporate authority.

Westside, an area featuring many government structures, police facilities and a route out into the barren desert - where the nation's high security prison is located.

Southpaw, the location of the Kaishi Guard Armoury, Military Airport and International Airport.

Additionally, a large expanse of desert towards Morroco can be reached by travelling through the district of Eastend. The high security prison is located at some distance into this expanse of desert.

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